Case Studies

Let us help you create amazing renderings and animations for your projects!

Stone company

In a classic setting and ambient was created to showcase different stones from the Portuguese stone company Aireslimestone. It was important to show the textures and colours of different types of stone in a garden showing their full potential as a quality material that professionals cam source.

Shade study

Renderings can be used to study shade options for commercial establishments like cafes and restaurants. In this case a study was done for a known restaurant and club Tamariz in Estoril, Portugal.

Showcasing Lighting Fixtures

3D visualisations can be used to showcase lighting fixtures like in this case. This model is from Nightscaping USA, Outdoor Lighting Fixtures & Bolllard Lights, and renderings a great way to show the shadows and materials in a garden setting.

New development in Scotland

New development in Scotland. Working directly with the architects studio behind the development of the timber structures was a great experience. An interactive presentation was created as the project need to be presented to the general public as well.

Dream Farm for sale

In this project we used renderings to show the potencial of the farmland to potential buyers.

“Thanks for everything. You are fantastic. An excellent professional. I really like your job. Congratulations!!!!”

— Alexandra Baptista, FlorÓbidos

“Thank you for the excellent work”

— Ana Correia, Airelimestones

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